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Famebolt Escrow gives you a platform to buy and sell your social media accounts 100 % risk-free. be safe, be wise, use famebolt escrow today.

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WELCOME TO Famebolt Escrow

We protect buyers and sellers from fraudsters, pranksters, and con artists selling social media accounts without an escrow administration makes it simple to turn into a casualty of a trick we are here to ensure the two parties in any transaction are completely protected.

  •  We accept only irreversible payment methods.
  •  We verify delivery of accounts.
  •  An average transaction is completed within 24 hours.
  •  Both parties satisfaction is guranteed

Safely buy and sell with Famebolt Escrow



Signup and provide the buyer with your escrow username


Buyer funds Transaction

once the buyer funds their escrow account, they can create a new transaction and both parties will recieve an email.


Seller Deliver

Deliver the account to the buyer and allow the buyer to verify you can also provide us with account to deliver to the buyer extra %10 fee is charged.


Buyer Approve Delivery

We release the buyers funds to the seller once the the delivery is finalize.

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